Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Professional Of The Year Award

I think (actually I know) that I am going to be nominated as my departments most professional employee of the year. Why? Well because everything about me sings out ethically, diverse, HR professional.

Here are a list of reasons why I think I should be nominated for HR Professional Of The Year and presumably WIN.

1. I gleefully sing-out random nonsense to my email as I read irrelevant requests and questions! I feel this helps with stress.

2. In the afternoon I happily run around the office in flip flops (Uggs in the winter) because my feet can’t stand to be tortured in heels for nine hours. Flip Flogs SCREAM office sheik!

3. I dress up almost every day but sometimes I am just to lazy to iron or think up an outfit so I wear jeans and believe me when I tell you that I don’t feel an ounce of guilt, NONE. I love walking into a meeting and being the only person in jeans.

5. I casually rock out to alternative rock and sometimes turn it up LOUD, so if you walk out my office and down the hall – You can clearly hear what tickles my fancy.

6. I have been guilty on occasion of screaming down the hall for people. I picked up this not so good trait from a former boss – Great Mentoring.

7. I will do everything in my power to not have to talk on the phone to people – Even if it means sending a email to my neighbor about something (like where should we go to lunch) or for more important matters, sending a million emails that one simple phone call could solve. I don’t like the phone.

8. Because I am a Mommy first and foremost, I often find myself talking about kid stuff like potty training, pee, boogers, the snot that got smeared on my shirt that morning and a lot of other icky stuff. Just this morning someone asked how my allergies were and my reply, “ Better – Although I am still sniffling which is nasty because snot doesn’t taste so good with coffee!”

I am totally not kidding about this!!!!!

9. My office has got to be the most cluttered space in our whole department. It looks organized from afar but please do not be deceived by the files neatly jammed into my file cabinet or the clutter of boxes (from my last office move), files and random notebooks shoved behind my desk. It’s a mess – kinda like my house!!


10. On occasion I have been guilty of emptying the water cooler and not refilling with a fresh jug of water, leaving the water cooler dryer than the Mohave Desert – Yes, I know it’s horrible but sometimes I really don’t feel like lifting a 20 pound water jug and carrying it across the office in heels – FOR THE LOVE!

Honorable Mentions: Talking in slang and not speaking proper English, Wishing I was tanning on a beach on some exotic island rather than slaving away at work, reading my favorite blogs and the list goes on.........


Meg said...

That is a great list! Hope you win! I'd vote for you.

Kelley said...

Great list! Is there a prize or is this more of a 'recognition is it's own reward' kind of thing? Me, I need a prize, something in my hands! Good luck!

Michelle said...

Hahah, no it's me reconizing all my glorious professionalism. Hah.

Liz said...

Hee hee... I'd enjoy working with you! Our office needs more people like you. They call our hallway the morgue, so depressing.

Anonymous said...

HAHA love your list!

There are three girls that I work with and our offices are VERY close and we are always email stuff to each related things and sometime we just have casual convos through email when we don't want to be heard by others!