Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wedding of the Year - Part I

This weekend, while getting my girlfriend hitched in Nebraska it hit me that I am an adult. For so long I wondered when I was going to feel like an adult. I thought for sure after we bought our house, I’d feel like an adult but I didn’t so I waited and waited but nothing happened. I thought for sure after we got married and had Landon that I would be thrusted into adulthood but nope……nothing, I felt the same, inferior to other “adults”

Well let me tell you something it finally happened last week; we were busily getting ready for the “wedding of the year” and somewhere amongst the heavy tables, the hundreds of chairs, arranging of flowers and me chasing my boy at the reception (completely sober…..Ok……I had a glass of champagne), it hit me that I truly feel like an adult!! Someone with a seasoned sense of being? Someone who attends a wedding with her family and remains sober (HELLO this almost never happens, until now), someone who knows about life’s trials and tribulations, hahahah OK maybe not. Whatever the reason, I truly feel like an adult now and I am so excited to share it with you all.

Side Note: I was one of the "older" gals hanging out this past week so that very well could be the reason for me feeling like an adult! It doesn't seem like a big age gap from 25 to 31..but..there's definitely different things going on in their lives versus mine. It doesn't seem so apparent with Amie since she is a mature gal but the single-party gal's - There's definitely a difference but they were fun and I learned a lot of new things!

The Wedding

The wedding was beautiful, fun, amazing, wonderful, awesome and I feel so blessed to have been Amie’s personnel attendant and there to help her. She is an amazing, wonderful, awesome, beautiful person and I am so happy to have her as my friend. I suppose now I have to claim Shane too but he's pretty awesome so I guess I can do that.

I am so used to people paying for everything to be done (food, flowers, location etc) for a wedding but this wedding they did “EVERYTHING” themselves with the help from family, friends and church members, I was taken aback. It was simple, yet very elegant and beautiful. It was a great wedding.

I’ll post pictures of the glorious event when I decide to load them onto the computer.

One more tidbit - I went without coffee for two days (and surprisingly was able to function to a certain degree), until we discovered a little coffee shop, that I camped out at for the rest of the weekend. I learned that I take Starbucks for granted - Isn't it everywhere, NO. I also take Wal-Mart for granted - I thought every little rural town had one, Nope!!

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Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Isn't weird when something hits and you realize - wow...I'm a real adult?! I have those moments a lot and it freaks me out. :)