Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Babies, Babies and more Babies

My girlfriend, JENNY, returned to work YESTERDAY after being on maternity leave for what seemed like a small eternity, I was missing our IM sessions! Since she's far, far away in Cali, I have not been able to see the baby and now that she has twin-two year old's running around and an infant, she has no time for emailing or sending photos to Photogs like myself.
Anyhow, she sent me this picture of her baby and for a brief instant, the world stopped, my heart raced and I longed for a baby! A sweet little, fresh smelling, cuddly BABY! I had to quickly close the photo because it was making me think crazy thoughts!

What a beautiful little girl! Jenny has twins, age two Kaden and Kianna.........Do you think she has her hands full? Yes - Sirree!!

I bombarded her with ton's of questions about the baby and being a Mother of three! The following are my favorite from our Q&A.

Me: How do you go out in public with three little kids by yourself? Do you have a mega, super deluxe stroller? Did you get a bigger car?

Jenny: We have not all gone out in public so I don't know? Yes, we have a big stroller. No new car, although we are thinking about getting a mini-van - Yes, don't laugh a mini-van. I never thought I would be that person!

Hahahhahaha, I laughed several minutes. She must have some serious cabin fever - poor thing! I bet she was very happy to come back to work!

Me: Did you get a lot of help after leaving the hospital?

Jenny: What's HELP? No, the twins would not leave my side so I was doing everything.

Me: Did you have a natural child birth or did you get drugs?

Jenny: Ooh-Natural. By the time we got to he hospital I was dilated to 6 cm and the Doctor took so long, I had to do it natural and it hurt so bad!! I think my Va-jay-jay hates me. When I started to push, I thought I had to go #2 but it was the baby, they made me push and push. It was horrible! My Nurse was mean and tactless! I wanted to punch her.

I love when Mother's are brutally honest about child birth! I had ONE friend that was honest about the whole child birthing experience with me, ONE. The rest painted the cheerful, everything is beautiful picture, which it is but to me there's nothing beautiful about pushing out something the size of a water melon, thru something the size of an orange - NO WAY, NO HOW!


Weeksie50 said...

Oh, that baby is so adorable..

Yes, of course I watched Tree Hill. I love that show.. I am so sick of the nanny stuff. ugh. I love Jaime though. That kid makes the show. He is to cute.. Oh, yeah and his Daddy most definately makes the show..lol..

"So, I let you kiss my mother"

How funny was that?

sdheather said...

Oh, her baby is so cute!

Michelle, can't believe that is going to be me really soon pushing the water melon out of an orange. Yikes!

Michelle said...

Hehehehe, I'll pray for you - My dear friend :)

Miss Anne said...


(that baby is precious!)

Love the honesty and realness of childbirth. I can't wait to experience it!

So glad to have you on my blog! :)

(add a follower list so i can follow you too!) :)

make today great!