Monday, September 22, 2008

Ramblings of a Working Mother - Part Deux

I've sat down to write things a couple different times this weekend and for some reason or another I get interrupted or I am not able to finish my posts!

It really drives me nuts when I don't post things on here. Nuts!

My Baby is feeling better and went to school today! YIPPI. He was sick all of last week and so Danny and I took turns staying home with him. He was really sick! I hate when my child is sick, it's a horrible feeling to feel so helpless. THANK GOD, I have an understanding Boss and he allowed me to take care of business!!! The thought of sending Landon to school sick, made me sick. Let's all think positive thoughts that he will stay healthy!!

We found out that Landon is allergic to a certain antibiotic. He woke up one morning last week and was covered in a rash, head to toe!!! Anyway, we went back to the Doctor and she fixed him up and suggested that we give him Benadryl for the "itch." OH-NELLIE! I am not joking or exaggerating when I type that he started acting very peculiar. He started growling at us and talking to us in a scary tone of voice, all the while crawling and slithering on the ground. When he would attempt to stand upright and walk, he would stumble all over the place, he was drunk! He started saying really silly things and then right before he passed out, he held a five minute conversation with his AYA, looking up to the ceiling. Aya was still at work!! My poor kid!

I am back at work, piles and piles of stuff to do and I don't know where to begin! Do I start this? OR do I start that? I am lost. Staying home so many days last week has rendered me "helpless" here at work!!! Where-0-where do I start?

Happy Monday!!!!


sdheather said...

Sending positive thoughts your way that Landon will stay heathly. Hugs!

Liz said...

Good luck to you today, hope things go smoothly. You are such a good mom!