Saturday, September 27, 2008

Favorite Family Buddies

My BFF Maria and I always planned to have our kids at the same time, so I was very pleased to find out that Maria was pregnant when I was five months pregnant. Our brilliant plan was unfolding (whoahahahah!). It was great to have her prego with me because there was always someone at a phone's reach to calm my OVER-WORKED imagination and vice versa. It's a-ok to confess to your BFF, "What if my child has three arms and one leg!" We were always calling one another with strange "What If's"

This is Estella, my BFF Maria's little gal. Isn't she adorable? This is Landon's future wife, they love each other and after college in 2028, these two will marry! This year we are spending x-mas with Estella and her family. Landon is excited about Estella taking him to the beach!

Never in a million years did we (my family) think my Savvy Sister would bear children, but one weekend with Landon forever changed her and nine months later, she had this adorable little girl, EMMA. I love my little niece, she's so cute and although she is 100% tom-boy, she has the best "girly-girl clothes." A year younger and a lot smaller than Landon, this little girl can hang. She's so cute in all her Cowgirl glory.

My Sister-in-law came up prego a couple months after me, too! This is Ray, he's a couple months younger than Landon. He's a Rocker-Baby! Landon and Ray don't see each other much, but they are buddies. It's fun to see the boys run-a-muck through Mimi's house. Watch out girls! Two handsome fellas.

Last but certainly not least, Landon! My Mother is obsessed with tie dye and sends Landon a new piece every year. I am not a big fan of tie-dye, but like a good daughter I humor my Mother and let Landon wear them. Tie-dye outfits make great pajamas. Yes, Yes, Yes, one sleepy Saturday morning, I did allow Landon to wear this to the Park....hehehhe HUBS was mortified. My Mother should be so proud.

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Miss Anne said...

children are such blessings.

seriously, they are soooo cute! :)

have a great weekend!