Monday, September 29, 2008

Dream a Little Dream

I don't often remember my dreams but last night I had a weird dream, so weird and vivid that I am still thinking about it as I type, so today my friends you are going to hear about my dream.

Do you ever watch something on T.V. and then have a dream that resembles what you watched right before going to bed? Happens to me all the time, but most of the time I don't recall such vivid details of my dream! The last show I watched last night was the HBO series, True Blood, about Vampires and how they become mainstream society. It's a weird show!

Ok, back to my dream.

My dream took place on my Grandparents Ranch, it was a beautiful day. The birds were singing, the sun was shining and I was tending to outside chores, (once upon a time my Grandparents had a lot of animals on the ranch - it was that time). I went to go feed our chickens and opened the chicken coupe, only there were no chickens. The coupe had been transformed into a secret office, with monitors on the way, displaying various places on the ranch. My boy cousins were there working feverishly on the computers and watching the monitors. A couple of girls, I assume their girlfriends, worked on odd contraptions. I entered cautiously and demanded to know where the chickens were! They explained to me that this was the vampire monitoring office for the ranch and it was their job to watch all activity on the ranch and report back to Grandma and my Uncle.

I was confused, Vampires???? Vampires are a myth, have you all lost your minds?

They explained to me that after my Grandpa had passed away several animals started showing up dead but it wasn't a "dead" from a pack of wild dogs, coyotes or a mountain lion, NO, it was a different kind of "dead." My family started a surveillance and found out that Vampires were killing all our ranch animals and that the Vampires were our neighbors/towns folk. These Vamps were "normal" by day, but once the sun set they all metamorphosed into Vamps!!!! These Vampires were very different from the mythical ones we were familiar with. The garlic, the crosses, the holy water did nothing to these vampires.

They further explained that the family had built several things to prevent the Vamps from attacking the animals and providing protection to the house and family at night. They went on to explain about the "Good Vamps" and how they assisted in protecting us at night. "Grandpa even protects the house!"

Confused and afraid, I ran to the house to find my Grandmother for answers. She confirmed what I had been told by my cousins and said that there was nothing to worry about. "Just be in by dusk and everything will be OK!" She also went on to explain that my Grandpa along with the "Good Vamps" protected her and the house at night.

"Well Honey, Dusk will be here before we know it. We have to go help the boys and your Uncle get the animals!" I followed my Grandma and joined the rest of the family (yes, they magically appeared) to gather the animals.

After we squeezed all the animals into the barn my Uncle pressed several buttons and a steel structure appeared from the ground encasing the barn. Nothing was getting in or out of this barn. The boys assumed their posts in the chicken coupe, which also had a steel enclosure. The girls that had been with them earlier appeared from behind the coupe. They were VAMPS, I shuddered in fear but my Grandma explained to me that they were good and protected us.

My family informed me to stay away from the windows and that if I heard anything, not to look outside. The VAMP'S have been known ed to hypnotize people and once they get into your head, there's nothing that can save you from them. I was beginning to become uneasy and a little freaked out. Why are there only vampires here on the ranch, I questioned my family. They explained there were every where, but for some reason the were flying rampant out in the country!

We sat down for dinner and begun to eat when my cousins began calling on the two-way........"Dad, there's a car at the end of the drive-way with a young couple. Looks like they need some help" My cousins reported.

Next thing I know, I find myself driving the Gator, done the drive-way with my Uncle, two Vampires flying overhead. I am nervous, shaking and my hands are clamming up. We get to the bottom of the drive-way. I see the car, my Uncle quickly jumps out of the Gator and opens the gate. It's a young family from up the way. He Husband explains that his wife has just gone into labor and they were trying to get her to the hospital. My Uncle tells the man, there's no time to drive and that they would never make it. Vampires begin to appear in the pasture across the street. I wait nervously for instruction. My Uncle and the Husband load the family into the Gator and my Uncle tells me to drive FAST back to the house. They follow behind us on foot, shooting into the pasture.

As I drive the lady's pleads become piercing screams and I notice VAMP'S peering out from the trees in the pasture close by. One of the good Vamps sweeps down closer to the Gator............It's one of the girls from the chicken coupe........."Drive a little faster, Honey. These Vamps are hungry and love newborn babies!"

Terrified, I speed up and the house comes into view. The garage door is slowly opening. I notice a lighted figure at the top of the house, as I get closer I notice it's my Grandpa hovering over the house. He smiles down at me as I enter into the garage. I am overcome with a sense of safeness and bravery!

My Grandma rushes over to help with the pregnant Lady. We begin to carry her into the house and she stops between contractions and warns us that her two small children are "plagued by the sickness!" My Aunt stops and grabs me as my other family members help with the pregnant lady, "We need to lock up those little ones, they can turn on us!" She grabs the little boy and gives me the little girl. I protest, "We can't just lock them up in some closet!" She ignores my pleads and leads us through a door in the garage. It's dark and musty, she fumbles around looking for the light, she turns it on. "We leave them here! This is safe place for them" It was a steel enclosed room, below the house. It had a couple beds, bathroom and a T.V. that is playing The DoddleBops. "You will be safe here!" she whispers.

My Uncle and the Man are in the garage reloading their guns. "It's bad out tonight!" My Uncle warns. The Man further explains that he too is a "VAMP", but a good one (he shows us his markings). He asks for his children and we inform him that we put them in "the safe place" He nods in agreement and explains that although the kids seem to be "Good Vamps" that you can never be careful. He vanishes after our conversation.

I go back into the house and begin to play a bored game with my sisters. The drapes to the sliding glass door have yet to be drawn. I peer outside and notice several vampires swinging and hanging out our childhood swing set. They look majestic, almost peaceful in their black cloaks. I gaze as they begin to call out for me, "Michelle, Michelle!" My hand reaches for the door knob, "Don't look out there!" my sister yells at me as she pushes me to the ground,"They will hypnotize you!" She closes the drapes.

We hear commotion coming from the back room, so I run to check it out. My Grandma is calling for help. "Get me the kit, the kit!" I run to the bathroom, like I know what I am looking for and find the box. I rush to my Grandma, I pull out a square patch from the kit, like I've done this several times and I place the patch on the bite mark. The bite mark begins to turn strange colors, and the lady's skin begins to secrete any poison from the bite and then it disappears. Meanwhile, the husband is vamping out in the corner and my Grandma calls for him to be taken to the safe place. His face has turned a pale violet color, he's full of rage, he gnashes his fangs, he calls out for his unborn child!

All of a sudden I hear a little boy crying, it sounds like Landon. I feel a little nudge, "Go see what Landon wants!" the voice tells me. I stir in my slumber and drift back to my Grandma's room, but I still hear the crying. I am nudged again, but this time I wake up to the darkness of my room. Landon is crying out for me.

Weird Dream, thanks for letting me share it with you.

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Liz said...

Whoa. This was wild. Been reading Twilight?

Mommy Heather said...

Wow. That dream was so crazy! Thanks for sharing, very interesting to read. I can never remember my dreams. Maybe little bits of them, but not like that.