Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Office Friends

I work in the sticks. My company has a huge fortress in the middle of nowhere so there are a lot of critters running around (Mt. Lions, Bears, Elk etc). This time of year the Deer are everywhere and for whatever reason they like chilling outside my office window, which makes for some great entertainment on a dull day (or any day). Currently as I type, there are three BUCKS and three Does outside my window frolicking in the grass or perhaps courting, but I don't like to think about that stuff.
The Bucks have been sparring (not sure if that is the correct terminology, but I am going with it), with one another and it makes for great entertainment. Two of the bucks are young adults with some-what big racks and then there's another very young Buck who has little horns, but that doesn't seem to deter him from trying to claim his territory. He's determined to make himself be heard or seen? All the ladies in my office are routing for
"The Whittle Buck!"

Up until today the Does had young Fawns, but today those little ones are no where in sight. I think they are with Granny Doe so Mamma can go on a "hot date" with the studly Buck...Hahahahah, just my opinion.

Last week a Doe and her Fawn were hanging out by my window and every time I went to go look at them, the Fawn would hear me and start for the road, but just as he was about to hit the sidewalk, he would stop dead run, look back as if his Mamma was calling for him and he would run back. Seriously, CUTE. Reminds me of Landon and I and how I call out for him when he gets to far! See.....all us Mamma's are alike, regardless of species.

I could watch and take pictures of these Deer all day, but unfortunately I have to work (URGH), I really hate when that gets in the way. PLUS, we are not allowed to bring cameras on campus.

******The photos for this post are from the Internet and are Mule Deer from our area*******

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Miss Anne said...

aren't they just gorgeous creatures?

i LOVE their eyelashes! :)

they're so long and delicate!

very powerful yet graceful animals!

:) enjoy the beauty!