Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sisterly Love: Dating Advice

Sisters Rule!! I have two younger sisters, Ayha and Smellie. Growing up my sister’s were borderline annoying, Haha, OK, OK I am lying, they were totally annoying but in a good sisterly way. In the midst of my constant complaining about my sweet dear sisters, My Mom always told me that, “Someday Your Sisters Will Be Your Best Friends!” I would roll my eyes (YES, I was an eye roller) and mock, “AS IF – I Can’t Stand Them!” How could she ever believe that I would get along with those little pipsqueaks, NEVER!

Fast Forward several years and Mom was right! My sisters are my Best Friends (along with HUBS, BFF Maria, BFF Heather and PP Amie). We all get along for the most part, I say, MOST PART, because Smellie and I have been known to get into little cat-fights from time to time but it’s all in good love. Aya is just SWEET, she’s always been that way. Sweet, docile, go with the flow type of person. She moved in with us to care for Landon once we went back to work. She has been a blessing and because she loves us all so much, she still lives with me, across the hall.

Anyhow, As a big sister I take it upon myself to watch out for my sisters and give them helpful advice when necessary. As of late, I have taken it upon myself to give dating advice to Aya. Yep, that right, dating advice. Why you ask? because I am the EXPERT (hahhaa - not really). Aya has met a NEW GUY and since she doesn’t date much (or has not dated in the last two years) and has openly confessed to me that she sometimes finds herself clueless when it comes to dating, guys and relationships. I want to help her! I want to guide her through her whole dating experience. Am I qualified for such things, not so much but I am married so I do have a few tricks up my sleeve and I do watch Grey’s Anatomy. I am full of date knowledge, hah!

Lesson One

Monday, after arriving home from work Aya played with Landon for awhile (I was in the kitchen cooking away) and then announced she was leaving to go to NEW GUY’S house. I stopped her as she was heading out the door and the following advice session unraveled.

ME: “Aren’t you going to freshen up a little?”

AYA: “NO, WHY? He just saw me at work!” Sooooo oblivious.

ME: “Go freshen up your make-up and brush that hair!” I told her fingers deep in chocolate frosting. She so needs my help, I thought to myself.

She reluctantly obliged and moments later emerged with a fresh layer of make-up and her hair neatly pulled back into a ponytail. Beautiful Girl.

ME: “Awe, much better. You really should change your shoes, put on some flip flips. You want to appear with a laid-back attitude, not like some eager beaver who just got off work!"

AYA: “You are dumb, but that is a great idea, my feet are hot!”

ME: ”WAIT, Are your toe nails painted!” I felt like one of those OVERLY concerned Mother’s of a teenage daughter, you know the one that is way to opinionated and too much in the business of her daughter, ICK!! I really needed to shut up I thought to myself, but I was past the point of no return so I continued.


I could tell the following was going through her mind - Dating sucks, my sister's crazy and I think next time I will lie about going out.

ME: “OMG, then leave your shoes on! God forbid”

I have a sense she wanted to fling her purse at me or toss something towards my head to shut me up, but she listened, agreed and happily went on her merry way.

Would you laugh at me uncontrollably if I confessed that I waited up for her and then proceeded to pick her brain about her date? Hahahhaha, let it out because I did just that.

Please don't cringe in your chair, when I tell you that I also got on the phone with my Mother and Sister and spilled the beans, which was no secret by any means but definitely not my beans to spill.


Meg said...

Thats hilarious! I would love to have sisters but I got stuck with a brother(I love him, though).

sdheather said...

You are too cute! My sister is my best friend also and never would of thought. As you know. I love you Michelle and can't wait till December. Your blog keeps me in the loop since I am horrible about calling or emailing anymore.

Jenn said...

I can't wait for my sister to get older so we can talk dating - that will be a hoot for sure.

And you were right on with the toenail advice. I can't tell you how many times I had been out with guys on dates and they made mention about my feet or toe-rings or something. Guys check us out as much as we check them out - and while looks aren't everything, it's nice to not gross out or turn off your date with ugly feet! (o:

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

HAHA~ hilarious. That's what sisters are for!