Monday, September 8, 2008

The Great Outdoors: Fishing 101

My husband is the best, most awesome husband and he's a great Dad. In honor of our one year anniversary this upcoming week I will be posting pictures and writing about; how we met, our rock-n-roll courtship and our epic romance. EXCITING, don't cha think?

Until tomorrow............Let's talk about fishing!!

The photo above is the first camping trip that HUBS tried fishing (maybe not for the first time but it seemed that way) and eventually fell into the rushing river, got wet and almost drown. Of course I was there, watching, laughing, trying to help him (not really because I was laughing so hard). I couldn't help but laugh at him because where I come from boys are bred, and born with a fishing pole in hand (poor Mommies), not so much for HUBS.

Fishing doesn't really come easy for HUBS, he can never seem to get his line on the pole right, getting the bait on the pole never comes easily and to date, he's never caught a thing, well maybe grass, twigs or slimy lake stuff. One would guess that he would give up, toss the pole in the river and refuse to fish again (that's what I do), but he tires and tries again hoping that one day he will catch that big fish, that catapults him into Fisherman status. Some crazy family member of mine (AYA) bought Landon his very own fishing pole and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the boy LOVES to fish. He can sit there for hours copying HUBS as he wheel and casts his line. It's funny, I laugh and dread what lies ahead......FISHING, FISHING and more FISHING. Hopefully together the two can catch a few fish in their lifetime.

As for me, I find fishing absolutely LAME. The whole idea of sitting patiently, waiting for an unsuspecting fish to bite, is just absurd, boring, totally not my thing!! While the boys fish I usually read a juicy romance novel, sleep or just catch some rays.

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Meg said...

I'm not a big fan of fishing but Adam loveeees it. So he goes whenever he gets a chance.