Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All Things HUBS: How I Love Thee

This week, work is really starting to intervene with my blogging and the stuff I had planned to write about this week, the love story of HUBS and I. Damn Work, Hahahah. I am irritated with the piles of work that have been placed on my desk (I am sticking my tongue out at it right now-blah).

Here are some photos to hold you over. All of Hubs or he and I.

(Above Photo): This is HUBS after his Michelle Make-Over. When HUBS and I met, he had really short (almost buzzed hair) hair, too short..........I didn't like it. I somehow convinced him that he needed to grow it out and who-la, look how cute and spikey it was. I love his eyes. They get me every time.
Side Note: After Hubs and I started dating his hair got curly, it was so cute. I told him it was because I was ELECTRIFYING.
This is a picture of HUBS and I on that special 4th of July that we conceived our little guy! Our crazy friend made up this drinking game, DRINK STRONG (after the Lance Armstrong bracelets). It's safe to say that we had way to much fun.

HUBS cleans up real nice and looks great in a TUX.
Although, at his brothers wedding; he still looked real handsome and hunky, but he made the tragic mistake of not putting on enough deodorant. The combination of the cheap tux shirt and his nerves, turned HUBS into STINKY HUNK. I felt so bad for him, I wanted to cry (or laugh). I took advantage of the open bar and consumed several adult libations on his behalf.
Poor HUBS!

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Liz said...

You guys are so adorable!