Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's a Very Bad Hair Day

Today is a BAD HAIR day!

I started my morning with high hopes for a curly hair day, but as I applied my trusty hair products (the stuff I have used for years to make my hair curly) it slowly occurred to me that my hair was not going to cooperate, DAMN HAIR - I curse you!! I scrunched, teased and sprayed. Scrunched, teased and sprayed some more, but my damn hair would not budge. It was stuck somewhere between straight and a frizzy,wavy, MESS with way too much product in it!
In a fit of hopelessness I broke out the curling iron but that only made matters worse and now I had ringlets, that were a frizzy MESS. I felt the sudden urge to throw myself on the ground in a fit of rage, but refrained because my happy toddler was near and MOMMY throwing a big fit in front of him would not be a good example of restraint, Urgh!

Defeated and weak, I angrily brushed through my tangled mess and pulled my hair into a ponytail, but since my hair is so short it's more like a nubby tail. Half of my hair was falling out of the nubby tail so I sprayed some more product, but it was still a mess of hopelessness. HORRIBLE, In an effort to hide the nubby tail, I rummaged threw my hair drawer and found my skinny satin headband and declared it a headband day!!!!!

I managed to make it out of the house, but it was hard. I feel very ICK and it's all because of my hair! Urgh.....sob, sob. sob. Have I reached that stage, where my hair no longer responds to products and is going to become an unmanageable mess? Urgh, sob a lot more.

Isn't it funny how a bad hair day can ruin your whole day? Amazing.
FUNNY NOTE: I have received several comments on my hair today - WTF! I think these people are trying to be nice, because there is nothing nice about a nubby tail or they are totally blind!!!!! Hahahhahaha


Jenn said...

I hate days like that! And why is it that people always compliment you on the days you think your hair looks like crap - it's happened to me before too!

My hair is driving me nuts because for the style I have I need a cut - and the same day I have my next appt. is when Hurricane Ike will hit and I'm afraid I'll have to reschedule!!!

Our poor hair!

Liz said...

My hair is limp as a rag today... which is really weird for me. Usually there's a whispy layer of frizz over everything, even after I flat iron it. I'm blaming it on the hurricanes.