Friday, September 12, 2008

Home With a Sick Child

My sweet boy woke up yesterday tugging on his ears and complaining that they hurt. I immediately knew something was wrong. He really didn't look sick but he has never complained about his ears. I decided to keep him home and stay home myself and boy was that a good idea because within an hour, he was SICK. After spending most of morning at the Doctor's office, we discovered that my angel had an ear infection, poor boy.

So I have been playing nursemaid and taking care of him. He's sick. I wish I could take away his sickness and be the one sick. It hurts my heart to see him lethargic and lifeless on the couch. My poor sweet boy.

Landon does not like his medicine! It smells and tastes fairly good (I tried it), but he wants nothing to do with it, well, except possible dumping it down the drain. I have to bribe him with candy, horrible I know, but it works!

Today, I am hoping he is a little better and we can bake some cookies, a wonderful dinner and take advantage of the cold rainy day! I won't lie, the weather has been perfect for staying home and taking care of sick babies. It's been cold, cloudy and raining. I love this type of weather.

P.S. The snow has fallen.......It's September and the snow has already begun. Are we in for it or what?


The Pink Potpourri said...

poor thing :( ear infections are never fun. i hope he feels better soon! great blog!

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Jenn said...

Hope your little one feels better soon!

Snow already??? Wow - it's 91 here today. Cold weather isn't even in sight yet!

Liz said...

I have an ear infection too! Except I'm not tiny and cute like your guy... I'm big and grumpy right now. Please hug him for me, I forgot how stinky ear infections are.

And snow? Yikes. It's 90 here with like, 200% humidity.

Meg said...

Aww. Poor thing! I hate when Gage is sick! I hope your little one feels better soon!

sdheather said...

Hope Landon is feeling better today. Poor little guy.

And snow, can't believe it's already that time of year again for you. It felt like fall was coming here, but today it was nice and sunny. Gotta love SD.