Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Today, one year ago HUBS and I said our "I DO's" in a funky little church in Vegas. It was AWESOME!

Last week, I had big plans to write about how HUBS and I met and consequently fell in love, had an adorable little boy and got married, Big Plans. Unfortunately, my little guy got sick and so most of my time over the the last couple of days has been spent trying to get him better(although, thanks to Aya, we did escape for a night to a B&B in the woods - I have pictures to share). We are still on the road to recovery! Landon stayed home again today, but this time with Daddy. Momma had to get her butt to work! It took all I had to walk out that door this morning, I hate leaving my little guy when he needs his Momma the most.

Since I wasn't able to write about our adventurous romance, I think this week's song, (Blink 182, Rock Show) explains pretty darn well how we met. I knew the first night I met HUBS at that Rock Show in SF, that he was a keeper. I met him the night before Easter and I recall rushing home excitedly the next day, confessing to all the women in my family; "I met the man I am going to marry!"

When you know, you know, right?


Meg said...

I love Blink 182!

Jenn said...

Happy Anniversary! I love hearing stories of how people met. Congrats on one year! (o: