Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last Night in Mi Casa

Last night Landon decided to grow and was up all night with excruciating, painful growing pains!! My poor baby! HUBS and I felt useless and were at a loss of what to do; the manual left the chapter on "Growing Pains" out, so we did what we could to make him comfortable and slept on his hard floor (very hard floor) and took turns rubbing his growing legs until he passed out.......around 2:00 AM.

My eyes are burning from lack of S-L-E-E-P, I have neck kinks and my hips feel out of whack...........bad shape, but HUBS, ooh, he's in bad shape! His masculine swagger has turned into something that resembles, Frankenstein!! See, see........how said getting old was fun? Not us.

This morning, Landon seemed to be in better spirits, he woke up with a smile (my favorite) and said; " I go back to sleep now!" and he did just that, but then I had to pray him out of bed with promises of "Coffee" from is favorite coffee place (you all know what that is). After his coffee he perked up and seemed to be back to silly self. My poor sweet boy, I knew he'd pay for being a "whittle-man."
Please HELP me! Some rotten sole brought SWEETS into the office, today. Cupcakes and Pumpkin Bread. For the love of all things skinny, what are these people thinking? I would be lying like a fugitive if I told you; I am going to remain at my desk, with my tasty orange carrots and resist the temptation of cupcakes and pumpkin bread. Lying!

Notice: I've posted the Song/Artist of the week..........Chris Cornell! Later this week I'll chat a little more about Mr. Cornell and the love I have for (HIM) his music!!

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Mommy Heather said...

Poor Landon! Poor mommy and daddy too, oh the things Tavo and I have to look forward to.