Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You say tomato, I say tomoto!

As a child I despised the taste of tomatoes. To me, they were the most rotten thing (next to banana squash) on the planet and so I stayed far, far, far away from them and for the most part my Parents never made me eat them, THANK GOD.

Although, there was one incident that will forever be a shared laugh between me and my family. I was young, late elementary school aged. Every Friday my Parents took the family out for dinner and since we lived in a small town and our options were limited, we always went to the same little Mexican Restaurant, Taco House! This place had great food!!
I always ordered the chicken taco, rice and beans, it was delish and reminiscent of my paternal Granny's cooking. One night; my trusty, favorite restaurant decided to go fancy on me and served my dish with pretty little tomato half's on a bed of lettuce greens, Urgh! I silently moaned in agony. I knew my Mom (and Dad too - for pure enjoyment) would make me eat them, I cringed in horror. I ate my meal at a snail's pace, in hopes that everyone would finish their meals and be ready to go before I got around to eating my tomatoes, Brilliant! My family ravenously ate their food and much to my surprise, my brilliant plan began to unfold; the sister's became increasingly ancy as the minutes passed and as my parents finished up their drinks, I knew I was FREE! I sat there swirling beans and rice around my plate, rejoicing my sneakiness and secretly celebrating my narrow escape from having to eat the tomatoes! My Mom asked for the check and in almost a unison effort, both my Parents turned to me as asked, "Do you plan on eating your tomatoes?"

WTF????? I was caught red handed. My plan shattered into oblivion. Defeated and at a loss of what to do, I shoved both tomato half's into my mouth and bit down. Tomato juice filled my mouth, I gagged in horror and begun to cough. "Stop being so dramatic, Michelle!" my Mother pleaded, as my Dad and sister's laughed at me. I couldn't stop gagging and as I sat there defeated, with slimy tomatoes in my mouth another plan unfolded. "GRAB YOUR NAPKIN", I told myself and soon I was coughing my tomatoes into my napkin, BUT because I was so sneaky, I made it seem like I had swallowed the rotten things, but in my attempt to not gag I produced some drool and well it needed to be wiped up!! Hahahahahahhaah!

My Parents had no clue and as my Mom paid the check and I excused myself to the restroom; napkin full of tomatoes in hand, I quickly turned the corner and ran to the bathroom. I tossed the napkin in the trash, washed my hands, waited a few minutes (to make it seem like I was going to the bathroom). My second master plan worked! I did my celebration jig and opened the door, and who would you guess was patiently waiting to use the restroom? None other than my wonderful Mom and sister. My sister had to use the restroom.

Since my Mom is slick and had mental powers that rendered us hopeless, she found me out. She marched out of the restroom and announced my deceiving ways to my Dad and next thing I realized I was at home, sitting at our kitchen table, eating a whole tomato! NASTY! It was gross and I'll never forget that day, EVER.

Luckily for me, Landon loves tomatoes, but if he didn't I wouldn't be mean and make him eat them, so sirree!

Landon also likes when he bites into a juicy tomato and it runs down his chest and beyond, "Gross!" he always concludes.

This is the face I made years ago when I was forced to eat tomatoes, "Icky!" I have since over come my distaste of tomatoes and enjoy them in salads, on burgers and brats, but I will never have the ability or desire to just eat one, like this! I still find them to be a little on the nasty, slimy side.


Maria said...

hahaha! I love this post, so funny! You know, they say it's good to laugh at least 8 times a always make me laugh!

Mommy Heather said...

YUCK, I hate tomatoes and I couldn't eat a whole one like Landon. You go boy!

BTW, I love this Chris Cornell artist.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Hehe, so funny. I hate tomatoes too. YUCK.