Thursday, October 23, 2008

This Week's Featured Artist: Chris Cornell

This week’s featured artist is, Chris Cornell!

Some of you may know him as the lead singer of; Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog (who featured a nice gentleman, Eddie Vedder who would later front one of the biggest grunge bands – Pearl Jam) or his latest group project, the power band Audioslave! He’s a talented, riveting artist, who I think is one of the greatest, if not the best front man of his time and it doesn’t hurt that he is beautiful, with the most enchanting blue eyes……beautiful olive skin……..and great hair…….dreamily sigh!!

He is and will forever be a secret crush……….sigh, again! BUT, let me be perfectly clear, his beauty in no way, shape or form, influences my passion for his music, absolutely NOT! Two different spectrum's my friends.

Chris is one of the founding father’s of Grunge Rock; music that ignited a generation and that would forever leave an imprint on the history of rock-n-roll. He’s legendary to some, but to me he’s just one of those artist’s that continuously creates greatness in his music. Music that evolves with the times, music that will forever be with me.

Chris Cornell ROCK’S!!!!

Mr. Cornell’s new album is SCREAM and it’s spectacular, melodic, bone shaking and just pure greatness. I love all the songs on this album so much, that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Forgive me if posts are sporadic this week, because all I want to do is eat, sleep and breath this album, Forgive me!

Go forth and listen, I guarantee you will find something that enchants you.

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Liz said...

Um, whoa. I guess I havent noticed, but he got really cute! It seems the last time I saw him he looked a little, um, drugged out. :)