Friday, October 24, 2008

Corn/Smoked Salmon Chowder by BFF Maria

Quick Post, as I am knee deep in SCREAM by Mr. CC and I just want to sit at my desk, stare into space and listen to this album for a short interruptions and certainly no work...........hahahahahha yeah right.

My BFF Maria posted this wonderful recipe on her blog for me, which I plan on making Sunday. I think you should all check it out and give BFF Maria a little "Halla"

BFF Maria is a wonderful cook and makes dining at her house a wonderful experience. She is simply amazing to me and I am grateful she is my friend in every sense of the word friend.

Notice the adorable salt/pepper shakers and the BEAUTIFUL distressed wood table (that I openly would like to thief from the Reifer household).

I love her, her amazing little daughter (who is my son's future wife) and her husband (who is my husbands "buddy" Those two are nuts together). Marvelous family, full of what I like to call moral fiber.

Check her out, you won't be disappointed.

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