Thursday, November 13, 2008


Landon is super lucky and very fortunate to cousins that are close to his age. Since I was the oldest Grandchild, my cousins were all a lot younger than me and I never had the fun that I suspect Landon will have with his cousins.
He loves his "Emma-Berr"

Landon had a great time with his cousin! They play really good with one another. They are a funny pair, Emma is really sassy and head strong, while Landon fairly mellow and for the most part just goes with the flow.

Here, Landon is giving Emma a ride on his bike. Emma really wanted to drive, but like most men, Landon insisted she ride passenger!

Aya and her babies. Check out the cute aprons, courtesy of Aya the seamstress and Lowes, your friendly neighborhood hardware giant.


Mommy Heather said...

I never had cousins close to my age either. I think I was 14 before I had a cousin. I am so glad Jaycee is going to have close cousins also. Emma is really getting big, boy do they grow up fast. Love the pictures! Can't wait to you, Danny and Landon in December!

Maria said...

Darling Children!
Cool bike Landon!
Are we going to meet Emma?