Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Shoulda Had a V8 Today

I have not posted to my website in days, weeks, months, years, HAH! Not really but it seems like a small eternity has passed since I posted last. Granted, I have been sick and fighting off the most horrible, excruciating painful cough. It’s UGLY and it has rendered me uninspired to do anything for the greater good of myself. I am encompassing a dry streak of creativity. My words escape my thoughts and leave me with nothing much to say or do I have too much to say?

I told HUBS the other day that I was suffering from Political Fatigue, a hangover if you will from all the political mumbo-jumbo that was shoved down my throat these past months and let’s not forget about the hordes of information I sought after on my own! I felt it necessary to be an “Informed Voter” for this election, someone who knows what their candidate of choice stands for, knows their background, history, shoe size……….favorite meal. I was very informed. I am glad it’s over, as I don’t know how much more information I could tolerate. Glad to be back to meaningless commercials on T.V., ones that make you laugh and not feel the urge throw something at the T.V. in discust.

I am also grateful to no longer have to endure painful debates with my friend. A friend who through debating various topics, I found to be more conservative than she portrays herself. I still love her and consider her my friend, but I see her in a whole different light. I should have listened to my Grandpa when he told me (in his southern/west coast accent),

“Honey, never talk Church or Politics with people you wish to keep as friends!”

Leave it to Gramps to know what's best. I seriously was not thinking when I started that madness.............maybe I was just trying to show off all the information that I stored in my head? Silly, silly woman.

The holidays are fast approaching; I am surveying the masses before diving in head first. With the economy on the brink of disaster, what is this Christmas going to be like? It will be fine and dandy for us, but what about all those Americans who are losing their houses and jobs? I think about all the chaos that surrounds us in our current times and I want to cry for the Mom who can't buy her kids the presents she wants or they deserve. The Dad who just lost his job and can't provide for his family. I want to cry for those people!!!! I want to cry and help them have a happy holiday! Since I can't help each and every person out there, I guess I will be thankful for what I have, what we have as a family and hope for a better tomorrow.

I warned you I had a lot of things to say.........................

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