Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fancy Shmancy China

This was my FAVORITE pattern
Since HUBS and I eloped to VEGAS, we didn't have a traditional wedding and with that didn't get hordes of wedding gifts, which is OK by us, but I am a little regretful that I didn't pick out and get FANCY CHINA! We received quite-a-bit of $$$$ from Moms, unfortunately CHINA slipped my mind.

But now I am obsessing over CHINA patterns and I NEED china! The other day while shopping with GIGI and Moms, we came across the great wall of CHINA at Dillards - HOLY Smokes. I fell in love with pattern after pattern, I even confessed my undying devotion to a couple. MY GIGI has very elegant taste and come to find out, I do too! Every pattern she picked, I loved and vice versa. We had great fun at the wall of CHINA. I NEED china!

Runner Up - I love the beautiful flowers.

This is like Moms and GIGI's patterns combined

Moms and GIGI have CHINA, beautiful, pretty, fancy CHINA that only comes out on special occasions like; Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Moms has a beautiful soft white with a faint blue flower pattern and GIGI has a very elegant white with a medium platinum band outlining each plate, saucer and bowl - VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!! I drool over both patterns equally when spending the holidays with my family. Since GIGI and Moms have CHINA - I need CHINA!

HUBS doesn't get my infatuation with the CHINA, he thinks I have gone crazy. He doesn't see the importance of me possessing a CHINA pattern and I have yet to figure out a creative way of explaining the necessity of possessing a CHINA pattern in manly lam ens terms. Maybe if I can compare it to football season tickets, he will get it.????

This pattern, white with a gold band is very elegant simple and

most cost-effective to my pocket book!

Love the CHINA!!!

There is a slight chance that you wont' hear from me for the next couple of days as Moms has big plans of shopping and decorating my house for Christmas, which deems me no time for blogging, but that's a-OK!


Liz said...

I love the first picture! Happy Thanksgiving!

Mommy Heather said...

I like the flowers china, but I also really like the plan. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving with the family!

Heather said...

I have a set of the white with thin gold band. I bought it at a garage sale. It was a wedding present that they never even opened. I got a fiesta type set of dishes as china when we got married, nice but I have since moved on from the colors I chose, so I'm actually looking for china too (the gold and white is at the bunk house). I like the flowers also. You should check out Ebay before you give up on the pattern you really like!