Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving To Do List

So........I've started my count-down to Thanksgiving and Christmas, which really means nothing because if you read this blog on a regular basis you are perfectly in-tune with my "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" type of attitude towards all things in life. I truly do have aspirations of making lists, doing miscellaneous projects on that list and finishing my list before said events occur - I REALLY DO, but then life takes over and I toss all said lists aside and just wing it.

Here is a slight glimpse into my list for this week, maybe with a little encouragement from you all - I can accomplish some stuff.

1. Need to go to Williams Sonoma for turkey stuff - Done
2. Need to get Landon a beanie or two - Done
3. Need to buy myself miscellaneous gifts, not because I need them, NO, but because they were on sale and ooh so cute - Done
4. Need to go to Dentist - HACK!
5. Attend Landon's Thanksgiving luncheon
6. Need to really, really clean house before Mom and Grams visit - 1 week to accomplish
7. Need to finish the heaps of laundry before Moms arrives - or she will do it and then I will feel a little bad, because your company is not suppose to do your laundry.........although Mom's is special company and she gets special privileges.
8. Need to purchase Warren Miller tickets for this upcoming weekends show
9. Organize Tupperware drawer so Moms and Grams don't faint at the sight of the mess.
10. Shop for Thanksgiving dinner.
Etc, etc, etc...................

Not bad, not bad, I have three of the ten done. That's a wonderful start!! There is a slight possibility that I will accomplish all tasks on said list, after all, I could not possibly look like an unorganized mess in front Moms and Grams, two of the most organized people on this planet. Women who follow through and accomplish To Do Lists...........hahahahhaha!

Side Note: I tried to bake a blueberry pound cake yesterday and apparently I do not know the difference between Baking Soda and Baking Powder. OMG, the horror. The loaf of blueberry mess was so tasteless and ugly, it went straight into the GARBAGE, but only after tasting it and declaring it not even suitable for the DOG. Never fails, every time I bake, it's just another tasteless disaster! I am giving up, no more baking unless I am supervised by an ADULT who knows the difference between ingredients. Disaster!

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Mommy Heather said...

Totally sounds like something I would do:-) That's why I leave the baking up to my sister and Maria. They know what they are doing in that department. Me, oh hell no. The only thing I can bake is a pumpkin pie. Only because you can buy the mix in a can and the pie crust you can roll out.