Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Birth of a RoRo Clown

Not sure if I mentioned it, but Landon was a "RoRo" Clown for Halloween, for those of you who do not speak LANDON, "RoRo" translates to "Rodeo Clown" Since my son is all about bull riding and he watches it religiously and acts it out daily, it was somewhat of a given that he would either be a Bull Riding Cowboy, a Bull or a Rodeo Clown. His decision, my creation and boy was this an EASY costume, EASY!!!! Grandma sent this purty clown wig, cute huh? At one point or another everyone in the house had the wig on.

Here's Auntie Mel, excuse the pun, clowning around!
Here the cousins are posing for the camera, CHEESE. I won't share the picture of my son falling in the flower bed because his "silly" Auntie made him sit on an unstable log, nope, not here!

Here's my Rodeo Clown, ready for his trick-or-treating extravaganza. I forgot to mention above that Landon is super afraid of painted clowns, especially Rodeo Clowns so he didn't allow us to paint his face, but he was still adorable. Some silly neighbor called him a "Rainbow Cowboy!"

What the heck?

Here's Daddy (with the clown wig) and Landon on the home stretch. Landon's candy bag was dragging on the ground, he ditched the clown wig and he was bustin with excitement to about bringing his hard earned candy home to Momma!
Halloween + Kids = Mucho candy for Momma, but since I was sick any piece of candy I devoured....I mean ate, burned my throat! It was the worst.
Breaking News: Monday at dinner Landon gave us a small taste of his upcoming holiday school performance, "JINGLE Bells, JINGLE Bells," was just about all he could muster, but THEN last night after dinner he belted out the whole song!! It was the cutest thing, EVER!!!
Danny and I then called, Grandpa Dan and Landon sang him, "JINGLE BELLS," he confessed his undying devotion to his #1 adorable grandson. We then called My Parents and he happily sang "Jingle Bells....." and my parents fell over in excitement and couldn't believe that he learned the song so quickly and knew all the words! Lastly, we called Mimi and Landon sang his song for her and the power of his little voice brought her to tears - Sigh ~ Awe!
Who knew Jingle Bells could be so cute.


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What a great blog you have here :)

Miss Anne said...

how CUTE is he!!!! :)

very creative idea too! :)

i bet his version of {jingle bells} will be the BEST one you hear all year long! :)

Mommy Heather said...

Can't wait to hear him sing Jingle Bells in CA.

What a great costume mom, LOVE it! Landon must have been the cute one on the block for sure.