Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This Is How We Roll

Rather than slave away at a delicious dinner, the other night I decided to do some blogging and work on some pictures from Halloween. Yep, I left HUBS in charge of making dinner!

We had decided earlier that day to have left-overs, so I thought it was the perfect night to be careless, perhaps, even lazy (imagine that one) and allow the boys to fend for themselves. Shocking I know, but that’s how I roll from time to time. I would happily oblige to do it a couple more times a week, but HUBS doesn’t cook, can’t cook, cooking makes him faint and queasy. I would be a very neglectful mother if I allowed my son to eat frozen pizza, corn dogs or god-forbid………McDonald's, tasty-tasty stuff HUBS is all to familiar with.

I warmed up most of the food and set out a couple other things to help HUBS along with dinner, but then Landon decided he wanted Alfredo MAC & Cheese and that, my friends, threw HUBS for a tailspin. The Man had questions about how much water to put in the pot? How do you know the noodles are done AND THEN, I had to explain to him how to add the powdered sauce – For Pete-Sake! Is this MAN for real?

My Cute Family - When Landon was a wee-lil baby!

It was about this time; standing in the kitchen, hands on hips, internal organs/blood proceeding to warm, patience running a little on the thin side that I begun to curse the kindness of my sweet Mother-in-Law and how she went OVERBOARD to care for her son (‘s), to spoil him and to create morsels of goodness for him and his growing belly!!!! No justice I tell you. She simply should have cut him off at one point or another and let him happily fend for himself, but she didn’t and now he’s my problem and I have to cook for him every night!


Hahahahahah, I hope you all realize, I am kidding around, poking a little fun at the HUBS who can't cook. Along with MIMI, I too am to blame for HUBS'S SPOILED-ROTTENNESS when it comes to cooking. Enabler is what I am, for the most part I am a-ok with it, but when I don't want cook, it sends me for a tailspin but that's a mute point at this time.

HUBS managed to prepare dinner and he and Landon happily ate their “morsels of goodness,” while I played on my blog and edited some pictures. It was an inviting change from our normal dinner ritual.

After dinner everyone settled into the living room, the T.V. was blaring Dancing With the Stars, Landon had turned the living room into his bull riding arena and HUBS began to pester me!

“Who are you emailing?” He asked. I pretended not to hear him, he moved closer and asked again. “No-one, why are you bugging me!” I asked, peering over my shoulder at him.

“Are you serious?” He asked me in his sweet, how could I possibly ever pester you tone. I continued with my email, hoping he would go away, leave me alone but he stood there waiting for an answer, his breath hot on my neck.

I pushed back on the chair and proclaimed, “I am emailing my friend, HEATHER, Jacobs Mom, Brandon’s wife, my first friend in preschool, HEATHER from THE VILLE, Her mom is Teri, Sister is Illena, We used to dress up and sing the Judds when we were little……HEATHER, HEATHER, HEATHER!”

Whoa Sally, put on the brakes!!!!!

“Jeez, I just asked!” he quietly confessed as he walked past, giving me the stink-eye. “Ooh-Don’t give me that Mister!” I shot back, “ You know I despise over-the-shoulder-onlookers when I am on the computer! I just want some PEACE!” I screeched. We lovingly glanced at one another as he crossed the room to the couch, I chuckled and he gave me a wink. Can you feel the love?

It wasn’t shortly after my PEACE seeking melt-down that I found Landon in front of me. “Momma-Momma, puter off. Sit on foor with me. You count?”

How could I resist the little guy?? I turned off the "puter" and joined in on his shenanigans.

It was a great evening!

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Heather said...

I just want some PEACE!” I screeched.

We must be related! LOL
Thanks for the comment and I enjoyed reading your entry because it makes me think our husbands must be related too!