Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Cold is Cold?

It's burrrrrr cold in our parts! Sunday, Yesterday and Today have been record breaking freezing. It's so cold out that when you step outside, it takes your breath away!

Remember that song Take My Breath Away, the one from Top Gun? I loved that movie for a couple decades! The volleyball scene, literally took my breath away like the weather.

OH and there is tons of snow, EVERYWHERE and it's suppose to snow again. Next week will not come soon enough for us - SD here we come. I hope the weather cooperates and is mildly sunny, thin jacket weather????

My g-friend had her baby last night! Whoo Hoo. I am excited for her, she is going to be an amazing mother. She has wanted to be a MOMMY for the longest time - Excited! I can't wait to meet the lil-baby, to hold her, kiss her and put her in all the cute outfits that I bought her.

Not sure why, but lately I have been having that feeling................the feeling of adding another baby to our mix! As my eggies desire to be fertilized, my thoughts overwhelm me, another baby, could I do it??? Landon is at a great age, he's fun, becoming more independant.......why should we add another? We are so passed the baby stage that why on earth would I want to go back? My answer............because Landon needs a sibling!!! I need a baby girl (or boy, whichever), to hold, to smell and treasure. Landon is in this I LOVE BABY stage, where all he wants to do is hold babies and play with them. He'd make a great big brother. For the longest time I thought one child was good, we didn't need anymore, but that's not fair. My life would be incomplete with out my sisters! What better gift could we give Landon?

I guess only time will tell if I caught the baby bug!

Babies, babies - EVERY WHERE!

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