Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pancakes or Bust

Landon's favorite breakfast is Pancakes
Since I tend to over sleep on the week days and morning time escapes me, Landon usually doesn't get pancakes until the weekend. Although, the other morning I woke up early and made him pancakes. Shocked it wasn't the weekend, he wanted nothing to do with them.
"No ancakes, Momma!"
I was crushed and so I ate them and boy were they tasty! I think Landon likes pancakes so much because I always allow him to make-up the batter. I measure everything out and then he goes to town, pouring and stirring. He surprises me at how meticulous he is when making pancakes, he's mess free, too! We have not reached the readiness of the stove, but he happily stands and watches as I attempt to make Mickey Mouse pancakes and other easy to pour figures.
When I was little and us girls stayed the night with our Grandparents, my Granny always made us pancakes. She always let us stir, pour, measure and Always, Always made them into different shapes, animals and people. It was great fun and Granny's pancakes were always the best; perfectly flat, fluffy, tasty and always cooked to perfection. I have yet to make the caliber of pancakes Granny does, but mine are good and we all seem to devour them.

Gotta go make some pancakes!


Mommy Heather said...

I want some of those yummy pancakes!

Liz said...

Ok. His hair is the cutest bed-head ever. :)

Miss Anne said...

You're so sweet!

I agree... he's got the best bedhead i've ever seen!

What a precious little muffin!


John said...

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