Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tis the Season to be Jolly

Here's my Baby at his Christmas performance last week. Can you tell he wasn't too happy? This was the happiest he looked the whole time on stage, adorable I know.
Look at that nerdy argyle sweater I just had to buy for him to wear - Poor kid, maybe he's mad about the sweater?

Yes, that is his finger in his nose.
Such a classic shot, he's gonna love that one when he gets older.
It's fall off your chair hilarious on DVD.

This is Landon's class - What a bunch of vibrant cuties. I swooned over all the little girls in their pretty festive dresses - So adorable.

Landon has three teachers in his class, one is his head teacher and we LOVE her. The other two are teacher assistants and well let's just say that we love them "most of the time." Anyhow, one of the TA's wore a very fitting velvet dress - very festive, but not really appropriate attire for a preschool Christmas performance. Sweet, sweet Aya pointed it out and then proceeded to giggle (or perhaps cackle) about the dress the whole performance, which caused me to giggle and then HUBS started giggling - Perfect demonstration of our maturity level!!

Landon and his favorite, favorite person in all the land - AYA!!!! I can't wait for AYA to have babies that I can spoil rotten and put them in HANDY MANNY chonies to decorate the family Christmas Tree! Thanks AYA - Just you wait - My PRETTY!!!!!

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Mommy Heather said...

What a cutie! LOVE all the pictures, can't wait till you guys are here. What a cute picture of Landon and AYA.