Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Landonisms

My Baby is getting big! This morning I learned that on the first he will be moving up to the next class. I have mixed emotions about the move. His teacher assures me he's ready and will be moving up with all his buddies, but my gut feeling tells me that we have some "excitement" in store for us. I stopped making regular posts about Preschool because things have not really changed since we started, YES, he's progressed well and is right where he should be, maybe even a little ahead of the rest BUT...............every morning drop-off remains a challenge! The child is a-ok, until we pull into the parking lot of the school and park. All panic ensues, as he turns into a little introvert, when in all reality he is an EXTROVERT. He clings onto my leg, with every once of strength. It's a sight - I tell ya! I am told that as soon as I leave, he's fine!!! Go figure that one.

I believe a new teacher, new classroom will only make this more of a challenge, but I guess this is what progress and getting older is all about, right? My little boy! My heart aches for the little blue bundle of joy we brought home, for the "whittle" boy rolling and crawling all over the house, for the fascinated Cowboy in love with bull riding - Why can't he just stay "whittle" forever, it's such a magiacal time!

Tonight, we are taking the Boy to see Bull Riding. We surprised him with tickets on Tuesday and he's been beside himself with excitement. He's infatuated with Bull Riding. My darling sister bought him bull riding dvd's for Christmas (cuz the weekend events were not good enough) and I am not joking when I say, that he's watched them at least once a day since Christmas, he loves it. He can name all the Cowboys, he's starting to recognize the bulls and he can recite some of the quirky sayings, mind you, he's two. The other night, while tucking him into bed, he informed me that his name was "Ross - Ross Coleman" (Ross is a bull rider). As of late, he's had several alias's........Justin, Ross, J-Dub, JB........the list goes on. We really never know whose going to show up for dinner! It's pure comical!

This morning I went to put his khaki pants on him and he protested, telling me that "Cowboys wear jeans, not those," as he pointed to the sad looking khaki pants. I chuckled and went along with his shenanigans for a short time, convincing him that he will get to change before heading to the arena. He finally agreed to put the khaki's on but reminded me that if he didn't have jeans on that he wouldn't get to ride the bulls. Where does he comes up with this? As if he's just going to be able to walk into the arena and ride the bulls!

Silly Kiddo.


Mommy Heather said...

Can't wait to hear about the bull riding and see cute pictures of Landon. Hope you guys have a blast tonight!

Miss Anne said...

he's just so darn cute!

can't wait to see how the bullriding went!