Friday, January 16, 2009

Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys......and a whittle Cowboy

The Stock Show was a blast, we had a great time with a few minor hiccups. The night was filled with a lot of 8 second rides, lot’s of hunky cowboys (Yee-Haw) and a lot of RANK bulls! We were excited to discover that most of our favorite riders were there competing – Whoo Hoo! Brian Canter won the event, which was cool because (among others: JB Mauney, Pistol Robinson, Ross Coleman………..etc, etc) he is one of my favorites and I love to see my favorites WIN!

HICCUP #1 - It never occurred to me that Landon would be afraid of the fireworks/light show, never even thought about it!!! If I had thought about it, I would have been prepared and we could have taken him out of the arena, thus causing no anxiety driven fits……but…….since I was so excited about the whole darn thing (I like the word darn today!), I didn’t even toss a brain cell in that direction. As soon as darkness fell upon the arena and the green laser’s danced haphazardly on the dirt, fireworks bursting brightly into the sky; Landon lost all sense of normalcy, which sent him into hysterics. He climbed onto my lap and up my torso, crying and clawing at my face. After a couple moments of realizing he wasn’t going to calm down, Danny snatched him up and took him out of the arena. Once in the light, he calmed down. They walked around for a few minutes, Landon batting his big browns up at Daddy, which got him a couple cool bull riding toys and a neat sticker from some Police Man.

Possessing a little selfishness (especially for Cowboys on Bulls….in CINCH jeans, mercy me), I stayed back and watched the fancy light show and the Cowboys coming out from behind the chutes to bravely stand in the ring of PBR fire, it was neato!

The boys joined me as soon as the lights came back on, but sadly Landon was no longer in the mood to watch the bulls. He sulked in our arms with his loot and asked every 10-15 minutes when we were going home, which is really unlike him because he’s usually cheering, throwing his cowboy hat around on great rides – He’s usually really into it. Poor little kid! Traumatized by the dark arena! Mental note 2,564

Sorry no visuals, HICCUP #2, but as I’ve said in other posts, my camera is a little complex and I couldn’t figure out the adjustments for lighting so all my pictures were coming out DARK and you couldn’t see a darn thing! I seriously need to take a camera class or go sit with someone who really knows what’s going on with the digital slrs. It’s a travesty.

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Maria said...

Poor Landon! But it sounds like Mommy and Daddy made it all better.