Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Busy As a Bee

Because I was so very sick last week and missed a couple (ok, ok, all week) days of work, I am super behind. Work is piled up and I need to put on my SUPER STUD working hat on and get it done.

Deadlines need to be met and meetings need to be had so blogging for this week is going to have to get the back burner - Simply have no time for creativeness.

I watched the Academy Awards on Sunday and I was borderline "excited" about the whole show! It was GREAT, one of the best.

My Favorite Dresses!

Did you know this dress was vintage - 60+ years old. Very Holly-glam - Beautiful!!!

Heidi is awesome! Love the cut of this dress - totally screams SEXY MOMMA!

Love this dress, but more than the dress - I loved the be-jewels that decorated her neck!

Favorite Earrings!

I LOVED Miss Jessica's earrings - The dress was not a favorite but her earrings were fun, hip and gorgeous!

Favorite Fellas!

I was so tickled that Sean won best Actor - so deserving, so deserving. I am a HUGE fan of Mr. Penn as an actor, activist.....person! Brilliant - not to mention that MILK was sooo good.

Micky Rocks - He screams too cool and I loved his ruff-neck couture outfit! I believe good things will come of this shining star.

Favorite Part of the Academy Awards Show

Beautiful, beautiful Robert Pattinson and his quirky soft spoken demeanor - Luv it! STOP-IT, there's nothing wrong with a thirty something gal totally smitten with a twenty something HOTTIE - Nothing wrong!

Do you know what women my age are called when they have a young-hot trophy boy?

A Cougar - Hehehehehhe! I learned that from the young-ins at work!

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