Friday, February 20, 2009

Down with the Sickness Part 2

I've been...............

S oul less - in bed for too many days

I cky - I thought I was dead - no joke

C hills - First came the chills and then the sickness

K isses - I have not received or given any! Who would kiss a person who hasn't bathed days? Or who is contagious with the rotten sickness?

SICK, SICK, SICK - Totally Down with the sickness!

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Mommy Heather said...

Oh Michelle, I hope you get better soon. Seems everyone is sick. I had a little cold myself and Jaycee has even had a stuffed up nose and we have to use the nose thingy to help her breath better and eat better. She hates that darn nose thing so I hope her nose clears up soon.