Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not So Good Hereditary Trait

Last week I finished the book Breaking Dawn. I took my time reading it, savoring every last word of this wildly contagious book, knowing it was my last little fling with the series. I wanted the book to continue on-forever, but of course that would be too much to ask, so I am now back to reality. No more dreamy Vampires to captivate my imagination………DARN!

I was becoming quite fond of vivid dreams of Edward, Bella and FORKS. I suppose that's what happens when you read until the wee-hours of the night for three straight weeks.

Excellent, Excellent Book - Please, please Stephanie give us more! Please.

Did I mention that MOMS started the Twilight series? She finished book 1 and 2 in record time and because she read lighting fast and I wasn’t quite finished with book 3, she started harassing me! She even threatened the library if I didn’t hurry up and send her the book – CRAZY LADY – Ms. Impatient.

Picture of MOMS, GIG and Me - It's a favorite

According to my sources on the home front, the series has rendered MOMS useless, all she does is read! No cleaning of the house, no laundry, no cooking - Just reading!! I think she even played hooky from work because she pulled an all niter reading Twilight - but no one is suppose to know that little secret.

I called the house the other day to chat with MOMS and since she was reading and didn’t want to be interrupted, she ignored the phone. Now, ordinarily I would have just hung up and called later, but since a little birdie (My DAD) told me that MOMS was there but reading, I became anxiously persistant. She clearly was ignoring me and the phone so she forced me to revert to childish tactics; like screaming into the phone and demanding that she put the book down! Step Away! My sister finally picked up the phone, giggling wildly, to report that MOMS was glued to her book – geez-louise – Sorry to bother you Ms. Jackson!!!! We eventually enticed her to the phone. I had to threaten not sending the fourth book to her. We had a nice dicussion.

Now, that MOMS has read books 1, 2 and 3 and is clearly in the know about Twilight; I enjoy asking her about the book and who she likes better: Wolves or the Vampires? Unlike me, she can never pick between the two.

“Ooh, well I love Edward, but I like Jacob too! Poor Jacob. He’s just………..just so sweet!” she tells me in her MOMS voice. Being a total vampire/Edward fan, I always object!!

But this is all beside the point……………………

Now that I am finished with the books and sincerely miss being entertained by the whole saga. I often find myself on a website that gives me little bursts of Edward, Bella and the whole gang. This website – ooh- this website!!

It’s Fan Fiction-Twilight and I was introduced to this site by a co-worker; who by the way, poked lots of fun at me for the three weeks that I read the books! The site has stories from fans of Twilight, continuations to the books or "what if this happened," it's good stuff. I’ve read some good stories, some not so good but they all seem to satisfy the little void I possess for MORE Twilight.

Dumb books, I am never going to be right again!

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