Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Potty Training

This was our house this weekend.

"Landon, it's time to go potty!"

"Momma, I-not-eed to go potty"

"Landon, come on!" Sighing loudly, "Your wearing big boy underwear and you don't want to have an accident!"

"Ok, Momma but-give me five minutes!" With a hand giving me five

"Five minutes, geez-louise. That's a lot of time. How about I give you one minute?" I ask, humoring myself.

"No, five minutes!" He tells me with an authoritative tone.

"Do you know how long five minutes is?" I ask pensively - If he knows it's all over.

"Yes, starting now - five minutes!"

A silence fills the house and a minute passes by.

"Times-up. Hats five minutes, Momma!"

He ran to the bathroom willingly and excited - Whoo Hoo!

Five minutes - this happened every thirty minutes. The trials of potty training, but I am happy to report that our training session was awesome - Landon did great!

No accidents, granted I took him to the potty every thirty minutes and we didn't leave the house and when we did I put on a pull-up because I have not quite-figured out how I am going to maneuver a dirty public restroom - the horror.

I asked HUBS what he thought and he just cringed. I thought if maybe Landon could just stand and not touch anything we would be OK, but he's not tall enough and not quite there with the whole standing and peering thing - soooo I guess I will have to come up with another idea.

I could carry around a bottle of bleach, wipes and gloves - but I am thinking all that stuff won't quite fit in my purse.

Any Ideas?


Mommy Heather said...

I totally understand the whole dirty public bathroom thing. But think about it, you use them, correct? We all do. We have to and we are just careful to not touch everything and wash our hands. Right? Maybe when Landon has to go in public you can just teach him not to touch anything in the bathroom and you put the toilet seat cover down and flush with your foot like we all do. Ofcourse he is too short to flush with his foot just yet. I don't know that there is really anyway around it. Unless you want to bring your own potty in the car. Just my two cents, ofcourse I haven't experienced this yet, since Jaycee is only 8 weeks old. Good luck!

Maria said...

Well done Landon!!!
When I was a Nanny for 3 little boys, I would layer the public restroom toilet seat with several seat covers, they'd sit and pee...in the end they would always put their little hands in places they shouldn't; they would get a lecture and a good hand washing!

Gwyneth Paltrow said...

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Jess said...

I'm scared to death of putting my boy on a public toilet for the first time (we're in the midst of a "NO POTTY" potty training down turn, though, so probably no worries anytime soon). I'm currently trying to convince my husband to get one of those fold up toilet seats that you can carry in a diaper bag with you. Will I actually carry it? Probably not, but it seems like a great idea anyway.