Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Factoids About Me

A blog I read often did this and I thought it would be fun to do it for myself and so I did!!

25 Random Facts about me…………

1. I have a phobia of meeting new people. Don’t really care for it, probably the reason we have a small close knit circle of friends. I usually start feeling really nauseated, palms get clammy, sweat beads drip down my back. I feel like I am going to pass-out dead from the pressure, but I don’t!! Never have! – Neurotic – I realize.

2. I LOVE to wear “pretty” make-up, but I hardly ever wear it. There’s just something exciting about it; the purty packages in my make-up bag, pretty colors, textures - All there for me when I am ready to put on a pretty face.

3. I don’t like leftovers, but I don’t like to waste food so I save them!! It doesn’t seem so bad to toss stuff out after it goes sour.

4. My number one indulgence in life is getting my hair done – LOVE IT!

5. When I was little I wanted to be a Marine Biologist – I loved the sea and all the little creates, big ones too(still love it) – my favorite place to visit was Monterey Bay Aquarium

6. I never thought I would get married and have babies – I thought my life would resemble that of a career driving, no time for nonsense person. I am GLAD my plans took a drastic turn for the better!

7. The night I met my husband, I knew deep down in my loins (do I even have loins?) that I would marry him.

8. When I found out we were having a Baby Boy – I cried! I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt I was having a girl.

9. I once made my sister eat deer scat – HORRIBLE – I told her it was fruit wrinkles.

10. My Husband was the first LOVER I ever truly felt comfortable around – I could be myself – I could act silly, dumb, weird and he still loved me! Why? Because he is all of those and CUTE.

11. On Saturday mornings, I love putting on my favorite tunes and dancing around the house. I sing too!! Landon thinks it's so funny that he does it too!

12. In sixth grade I played the clarinet and I really like it, but since band people were considered DORKS, I stopped - LOSER

13. Once while skiing at my least favorite resort we did a difficult run, I was so FREAKED out that I took off my skies and walked down the mountain. SHAMEFUL.

14. I love teen drama sitcoms on T.V. OLD 90210, The OC, One Tree Hill, NEW 90210 and Gossip Girl – LUV THEM, can’t get enough.

15. I always thought it would be FUN/slightly amusing to be a “Penny Lane” to my favorite band – HOOCHIE MAMMA! And that band would be???? Any guesses?

16. I call screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches – Power Tools , just to make Danny cringe. I also, always play a damsel in distress when it comes to tools and fixing things so Danny has to help me.

17. When first dating Danny, I confessed to him that I didn’t know how to cook, I wasn’t domestic and why would he want a wife like that? Total lie, but it didn’t faze him!

18. Mushy LOVE cards – make me sick, but I love a good romantic book/movie.

19. When I get to “let my hair down” and “kick up my heels” I feel invigorated and forever young.

20. I am OCD at work, but not at home. I am actually borderline MESSY, with a tinge of clutter happiness.

21. I have phone-itis – I dislike talking on the phone. I’ll text message a whole conversation just so I don’t have to talk.

22. I enjoy making up nicknames for people I love: Landon is “Deaners”, Cleo was “MUSH”, Cody is “DUDE”, Danny is “HUBS/Luva”, Maria is “MY MARIA”, Auntie Heather is “AYA”, Auntie Mel is “Mulan/Melania”, Auntie Kathy is “Auntie KK”, My Grandma is “GIGI”, My Mom is “Grannnndmaaaa”, Emma is “EMMY BEAR” and Estella is “Stila” I have a lot more but I will save you from my silly antics.

23. I love Starbucks coffee and the whole experience of going to get coffee there – Way too much excitement.

24. Music soothes the savage beast that resides within!

25. When girls act – over the top girly. I moan and groan inside and swallow back the bile that rises up my throat.

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