Monday, February 2, 2009

The Monster Child

My Little Pumpkin Doodle had a ruff weekend...........a terrible-two-weekend. One minute he was sweet and almost angelic like and the next he was a MONSTER that sent Danny and I running for safety.

I feel like I am airing my "dirty laundry" but if writing about it will make me feel better, well then, I am going to let it out.

Yesterday, was the worst. One minute he would be happy and then in a split second his mood would change to devious devil child, with no sense. We have lucked out for most of the year with the terrible-two phase - THANK GOODNESS. Landon has been a very pleasant, happy child................we have been happy parents!

But, yesterday there was minimal happiness in our house and that makes me sad/frustrated. I want a happy house, but most important I want a happy little boy. One who doesn't talk back, spit food out or throw violent temper tantrums (no exaggeration here - my friends).

You feel super helpless as a parent when you can't make it all cease, make it all better. I feel short of a failure. When the kid turns crazy, everyone in the house (even the dog) tenses up and starts acting out-of-the ordinary. We try hard to keep a united front, to stay on top of the less than stellar behaviors, to stay focused but sometimes it's just impossible and everything comes unraveled. Chaos!

I do realize it's a phase and my son will return one of these days, but what if he doesn't and I am forever "blessed" with a monster child!! Slightly terrified. I've seen first hand an adult monster child and that is not what I want for my son - no way! My cousin was a monster child, with no boundaries, no discipline and now he's a monster adult, who is a big burden on my poor little Grandma.

My cute little guy! He's so Innocent and full of life, it's contagious but he does have a monster streak that needs to be tamed.

Ooh-for-the-love of all things terrible-two!

Will I survive the madness or will I crumble to pieces in defeat? Well............I am always up for a good challenge so I do suppose I will forge forward and work with HUBS to get this monster behavior under control because it would not be very "American" of us to unleash this monster on society in 17 years - no sirree.


Mommy Heather said...

Oh Michelle, I'm sure it will pass. Landon is a sweet boy. You will get thru it. You're a great mommy!

BTW, which movie did you see Friday night?

Maria said...

He's just tryng to tell you he misses "Estella"....on a serious note, it will pass. You and Danny are great parents!

Michelle said...

Maria - You are so funny! You are probably right! He does Miss Estella!