Monday, March 9, 2009

"I Want a Perfect Body"

If I may; I declare that today; the Monday after the horrible time change, is a Radiohead kinda-of-Monday!

I've been listening to them all morning and although it's been known that Radiohead should be listened to on a dark dreary day - a some-what cloudy day works too! It's the whole Monday thing - I swear!

I think my all-time favorite Radiohead songs are High and Dry and Creep!


On a random side note: This weekend after a tireless afternoon of hair cuts, new shoes, a late lunch/dinner and NO NAP; Landon snapped at me. I am not talking verbal snapping, No. I am talking dog snapping, ferocious lion snapping! It was quite amusing - I hide my chuckles and attempted to correct the animalistic behavior to no avail. He starred at me in silence and continued snapping until he passed out and in an effort to cope - I through myself out of the moving car (hahahha, not really, just kidding).

So, now SNAPPING is the child's new thing. If he's MAD, he snaps at you. He bears his pearly whites and then snaps away, making a raspy growl in between snaps! An innocent bystander, would think he's gone mad, but have no fear he hasn't lost his marbles, he's just 2 1/2 and very creative and observant. He actually informed me that he's a scary Lion!

We went to the zoo on Friday and since our adventure Landon has turned into a Lion. At the zoo; he even crawled around on all fours for a short time - growling at people (sorry - zoo patrons). Of course everyone thought it was funny and that he was so cute. I smiled in admiration at the kid and the comments and quickly decided it was LUNCH time!

"I Want A Perfect Body" = Radiohead, Creep!

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