Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Careless Whispers"

A couple week's ago someone, someplace (SCHOOL) told Landon about "SECRETS" and so that night, he came home full of "SECRETS." It was really cute and since then he and I indulge one another with little secrets every night - it's great fun!

Last night while getting ready for bed, Landon had a secret. Overjoyed beyond excitement he divulged his secret happily.

In a mere whisper, "Momma, I have a secret!"

Surprised, "You do! Are you going to tell me about?"

He closes-in on my ear, his little hand cupped on the side of his mouth, "I want to eat M&M's with Emma on my birthday!"

Shocked, "YOU DO! Well I think we can make this happen!"

We giggled and wiggled into our PJ's and I promised a whole bag of M&M's for he and his Emma. I am positive Momma Mel's will be thrilled.

Blog title - "Careless Whispers" = Seether (Song originated by George Michael - but we like the Seether version - BEST)

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Mommy Heather said...

How cute! Love that little boy. Miss you guys!