Monday, March 16, 2009

"Meet Me In Outer Space......"

" We could spend the night - Watch the earth come up" Stellar by Incubus (love this song more than words can express!)

It was a Landon kinda-weekend. For Landon's third birthday we have decided to get him a play structure. Soooooo, Saturday we spent all day shopping for play structures. We drove all over the city and normally that would have made me grouchy, but this time proved to be very fun! And Landon had a blast, he explored all the play structures and was beside himself with excitement.

Rainbow Corp by far had the best showroom and play sets, so much so that we decided to get Landon one. SPOILED BOY, but he deserves it. And since we have a HUGE yard, I declared we needed something equally fitting to fill up the space. The bigger the play equipment, the less landscaping we have to do! Whoo Hoo!!!

This is the structure we are getting Landon - Pretty cool huh?

Because we are semi-cheap ($500 for assembly), we plan on assembling this glorious structure ourselves - Hahahah! I plan on detailing the installation of the structure. It should be comical/entertaining, as I am useless when it comes to these types of things, so I hope to just be a great helper - someone who can make lunch, get drinks and hand people stuff.

Auntie Heather doesn't know it yet, but she will spend her weekend-off, assisting her wonderful brother-in-law! She's STELLAR at this type of stuff and she won't take off HUBS head in a heated moment of frustration- Definite Tool belt Diva!


Mommy Heather said...

Wow, that looks like a really big task! Good luck Daddy and Auntie!

Maria said...

How fun! What a lucky little boy Landon is to have such loving parents and auntie :)