Friday, March 13, 2009

"Make Your Eyes Catch Fire - The Way They Should"

I took this picture a couple years ago on a hike we took while camping in Steamboat Springs. I love this picture! It's full of greenery and life. HUBS and I are not hikers, but we enjoyed this hike, it was fun and although strenuous we still had a great time. Colorado is so beautiful!

CONFESSION: I would be a big liar if I told you that a little Twilight Movie commercial seen on T.V. last night didn't excited me. No, no........I simply had no interest. LIAR - I casually walked past the T.V. and didn't even bat an eye - LIAR! I have bigger and better things to do than monkey around with that type of stuff - LIAR!

I was so excited about the commercial that I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned all night. I am really excited about the prospect of watching the movie daily - hehehehe! Whoaahhahaha!

This beautiful flower grows wildly on my Grannie's back porch - I love it. I love the vibrant purple it wears and the soft green leaves. I love how it wraps itself through the lattice. I wish I had these growing on my porch, heck I wish I had a green thumb. I believe this flower is called Clematis, but don't hold me to it, as I am just learning.

Randomness: Landon is currently transitioning to the three year old class and I realized this morning as I dropped him off and big tears filled his eyes and as he clung to my leg for dear life that this is going to be a fun transition. My poor little guy! I am seriously contemplating smuggling him into work and hiding him out in my office all day - Hah!

Update on the USED Panties: Momma Mel's has lost it. She happily informed me that she is not going to remove the panties from the Goodwill bag - NOPE!
In a fluster, I told her they wouldn't accept them and she snidely hissed that the store located in our little town would accept them. She's CRAZY!!!
I believe she is sadly mistaken, but since I can't fathom the thought and take any chances; I called MOMS and tattled my little heart out and she happily agreed to remove the panties from the bag! Hahahahhaha - I tattled on YOU!!!

"Make your eyes catch fire - They way they should" = A Letter to Elise by CURE

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