Thursday, March 12, 2009

"It Takes Aquired Minds To Taste"

You know what's fun?

Taking pictures of your son while he's eating Cheerios. As you can see from the milk-less bowl that Landon drinks the milk and then eats the Cheerios - Tasty!

Landon is sporting his classic long "rocker" locks. I love his rocker locks. His hair is so shiny, silky soft and I like it long! I love when wisps hang over his ears and the front hangs
hap-hazardly down his forehead - CUTE!

This is why pictures of Landon are few and far between. He doesn't like them and if you want to take a picture of him; you have to wrestle him to the ground, hold him so he can't squirm away and quickly take the picture - It's tiring.
Notice the super spiky short bangs? Dude got a haircut.

And it's short - Daddy short and despite my sadness for no rocker locks, we are having fun spiking up the new cut. Landon is very fashion forward when it comes to his hair - He takes after Momma!
Look at that cute face - stings my heart every time.

So I have a little update to the Goodwill panty extravaganza - panties are still in the bag with no hope to be removed. I do hope to laugh through the topic again today with hopes to sway Momma Mel in the direction of righteousness.

On a relating subject: Momma Mel's confessed that at her playgroup the other day she received a gift from another Mother. A thoughtful, heart filled gift of USED little girlie panties for my perfect lil-niece. – FOR THE LOVE! Momma Mel’s tastefully accepted the panties, but instantly pictured me in her head, lecturing her about the panties.
"It takes Acquired Minds to Taste" = Born For This by Paramore


Maria said...

Landon nees to be in a Cheerios commercial, that picture is ADORABLE!

Mommy Heather said...

I totally agree with Maria.