Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Ominous Landscape of Never Ending Calamity"

"She who sees from up ~ High smiles and surely sings!"~ Incubus

While on vacation we had a big 3rd birthday for Landon. Lot's of family traveled far and near to attend and it was awesome to see everyone, especially my DanDan! This is my cousin for all intensive purposes, but not really because her Dad is my Nino (godfather) and my Parents best-est friend from high school. We grew up together, I've known her since birth and I LOVE HER so she's more like a sister. She has two siblings Yeye and Dee, whom I also LOVE!

DanDan and her family are from the Bay Area so it was always a real treat to visit them. Growing up DanDan was into barbies (mee too), NKOTB (mee too) and BOP Magazine (I wish I was), she was very hip with pop culture.............still is today! Dan also has a passion for music and can sing! She also LOVES Brandon from Incubus!

We were fiesty children. Dan and Momma Mel's, invented Fight Club in our basement one quiet Saturday afternoon. Since you are not suppose to talk about fight club - I won't, but they did and it's a family chuckle we share to this day!

We were always getting into mischief growing up; especially when boys entered the picture. My Nino once chased us, enraged with fury, around a big park. Why, you ask? Because we were with a BOY and at the time boy's were BAD. Especially since the boy was a certain friend of Ye's, who was considered a very BAD boy (at least that is what my Nino thought). He chased us all over the park screaming like a Dad on a mission and when we finally surrendered, he gave us a lecture of a lifetime - It was very embarrassing and horrible for both Dan and myself (and the guy). Dan ran away that night and I hid her in my Granny's house, why? Because that is what sister's do for each other! Did the lecture STOP us from causing more mischief that summer? Heck-No!!!!

We once stole the car to drive to the 7-elevan that was a block away. Yes, we could have walked but we thought we were much cooler than that so we stole the car and bribed Dee with a slurppy and made her come with us so she wouldn't rat us out to my Nino. Horrible!

We were a little naughty at times, but it was all in good fun!

One summer I moved to the bay area to get a break from school and San Diego. Dan and I both worked at the grocery store Nob Hill, different stores of course! A smile spreads wide across my face at the fun had that summer - One of the best!

We were Rock Stars - our Oasis summer! We went to countless concerts, met lots of cute boys and just had a blast!

In our mid-twenties Dan had a little boy - Justin! He's super cute and very cool just like his Momma! I am forever grateful to have a special family like Dan's in my life.

Post Title Inspired by Incubus (Dan's Fav) - "Pardon Me"

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