Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Vampires Walkin' Through the Valley

"Move west down Ventura Boulevard"
The other night after a strenuous Monday at the office; I lazily warmed up leftover’s, we did baths and we all happily succumbed to our pajamas early. As I slipped out of my day clothes and into my pajamas the following observations were made by Landon as he perched happily atop our bed.

I slipped into my pajama bottoms unnoticed and just about that time out of my peripheral, I notice Landon taking an interest in me or something in my direction, but since there is no kind of modesty in our house hold I dismissed his curiosity and went about my business. Danny walked in as I pulled my night shirt over my head and then Landon, shamelessly, made the following statement.

“Momma, Did you take your boobies off!” His brow furrowed in interest.


I told him, YES I did, hoping he would drop the subject but then came the “WHY’S” and the “HOW COMES.” Slightly mortified, I told him that is what girls do every night – take off their boobies! He was content with that answer, jumped off the bed and left the room. Danny and I stood quiet, smiles invading our faces and then after a couple minutes we laughed until we cried.

My sweet, sweet, adorable son! So very innocent in observation!

Post Title Inspired by - Tom Petty, "Free Fallin"

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Mommy Heather said...

What a cute pic of Landon! He is so adorable. Love him for me!