Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"The Piano's This Melancholy Soundcheck"

"As you stand.......under the barlights"

Did you know that half of American families own the games, Guitar Hero and/or Rock Star, mine included. These are HUBS siblings and they LOVE the game Rock Star and Guitar Hero! Every time we gather they bust out all this equipment, clear the living room, serve up some tasty beverages and crank up the surround sound so loud that you run to get your ear plugs!

No joke - It's serious business!

Professionals: Carol and Ron sing thier little hearts out! Look at the passion behind the vocals, mesmerizing. Notice the savvy pink scarf? Very Rock Star worthy. I got that for my niece, but somehow it ended up on Auntie Carol.

"She's laughing, she's turning.................She's holding her tonix like a crux!"

They even have Bandaides, including myself! Although, I don't have a cute tongue like these two and my devil horns were never really that prominent ~ Hehehehhe!

The famous bandaides are Auntie Shari and HUBS couisin, Sensational Sandra :)

"All of these memories come feral waves to your mind"

HUBS looks great behind the drums, but sadly he stunk! It took him most of the night to find his rhythm. I declare he's better behind the guitar, but that's just me. If these pictures were zoomed in just a little; you would notice Lil Jim is biting his tongue in concentration, HUBS in a subdued trance, trying not to mess up and Big Bro Ron is singing as if he was in front of an audience of hundreds.

A Family that Rocks together stays together!

Post inspired by The Airborne Toxic Event - "Sometime Around Midnight"