Monday, May 18, 2009

"Hoping One of Those Senior Boys"

"Will wink at you and say 'I haven't seen you around before"

On our trip to Cali, we got to spend lots of quality time with family, including my youngest cousin who is graduating high school this weekend and his adorable Twilight-Addicted girlfriend.

Young adorable!

Wes and Jeanna went to prom together........prom...........(sigh break as I remember my Senior Prom.....sigh), OK!

Guess how Wes asked Jeanna to prom?

Wes has a hopeless romantic of a Mother and with her help, they concocted the cutest "Ask Her to Prom." As you know from above Jeanna is a big fan of all things twilight (yes, we totally got along - I wanted to adopt her!) and because of that, my Aunt bought her the Twilight Movie Director Book and then my "cute" cousin put a "cute" - "Would you go to the prom with me" love note in the book and the rest is history!

I think about it and get chills. Soo irrevocably adorable.

Post Inspired by Taylor Swift - "Fifteen"

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