Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Some will win, Some will Lose"

Sorry for pulling a disappearing act, but I had some problems to work thru the past couple of days.

HUBS and I went to the Nuggets game last Friday. Big happy/pouty face.
At first I was hung-over from all the excitement of the game and now, a state of mourning because my Nuggets lost (sad face) the playoffs to the dumb purple team from SoCal (Lakers - bad, bad word). Anyhow, HUBS and I went to the game last Friday. We have been to numerous Nuggets games, but never have we had seventh row seats at a playoff game - It was so EXCITING!!! When you are that close to the court, you can't help but cheer like a crazed lunatic!

A friend-of-a-friend hooked us up with awesome seats and a post game pass. We had a fun night of cheering our team on and booing #24 of the opposite team (he is not liked in these parts). We were so close!! It was bittersweet, but I am still proud of our team - Go Nuggies!

Landon loves basketball and the Nuggets! He tells me he's Bird Man every time we play basketball so it was fate that I ended up with a signed shoe from Mr. Chris Anderson a.k.a Bird Man!!!! The Post Game pass allowed us to hang (with a group of others), outside the locker-rooms and see the Boys come out as they left the 2009 B-Ball Season. Talk about exciting!!!

We saw a handful of b-ball players, but only Bird Man tickled my fancy. He was so generous; signing autographs and taking pictures until everyone had an autograph or picture - A genuine fella! You hear so many stories of professional athletes being idiots and rude, but he was perfect - definitely a Denver Fan favorite and our Family favorite.

HUBS also got to meet JR Smith, he was way cool too! We "ooed-ahhed over Chauncy Billips and seen a couple other players! The players wives also waited patiently for their Hubbies so I got to see Lala - Carmello's wife and she was really nice. Much prettier in person. We also seen a couple Laker (bad word) players and their Coach, but I turned a blind eye because I don't like that team and I could careless if Phil Jackson stood at arms reach - Who cares!!!!

I LOVE THE NUGGETS! The West better watch out next year for this fiery team!

Post Inspired by: "Don't Stop Beleivin" from Journey, it was the official song of the night


Mommy Heather said...

I was waiting for this post! So glad you guys got to go to the exciting. Tavo was looking over my shoulder while reading this and ofcourse wants me to tell you......."Go Lakers".

Maria said...

You and Danny are so cute :) Miss ya!