Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"I Never Seen Eyes So Blue"

"We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them"~Virgin Suicides

Have you seen the movie, Virgin Suicides?

It's a goody and up until a couple weeks ago, I had never seen it. I know right? Loser!! You might ponder why? Happily, I was a wee-bit preoccupied with my newly single-lady status - way back in 2000! Whew-wee!

Anyhow...........back to the movie, this little gem of Sofia Coppola's is GOOD. Go forth and see for yourself! I I plead. You will not be disappointed.

My favorite, love it, part in the movie is when they creatively introduce the dreamy hunk, the studly football star: Trip Fontane to the song Magic Man by Heart. Oooh-mi-goodness! I love that part.

That simple-little segment, TOTALLY, ignites the teenage girl within and I slowly drift back in time to my first Magic Man crush. You know the one, the crush, that brought a crimson color to your cheeks at the mere mention of his name - You know! The one that possessed a euphoric bubble around himself, which caused you to turn and run the opposite direction should your paths cross in the hall - That one! The "stone fox" that just happened to take notice of you while you heaved for air and sweat like a hoss running in P.E.

Girls, that is him! The High School Magic Man. Go ahead, take a moment to swoon over HIM! No one is judging - swoon away ladies!

So as you think back to your Magic Man, what song does he stroll down the halls too? Mine, well...........if my memory serves me correctly, I do believe it was Unbelievable by EMF (giggling like a school girl and HUBS is considering hospitalization), but now it's Magic Man! I heart this song and every time I play it HUBS gives me that look, that "NOT AGAIN" look - Hahhahha!

Old Timer - Cute Pic of me and my Magic Man. Notice the long luscious locks!

Post Inspired by "Magic Man" by Heart

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