Monday, July 6, 2009

"I'M So Three Thousand and Eight"

"You so two thousand and late"

Our darn computer took a turn for the worst last week and ended up in the PC emergency room, was admitted and has been there since Friday! Poor PC but more, poor us! I didn't realize how dependant we have become upon our pc. I miss that little tart!

We had a fun 4th of July weekend! We had lots of family time, which was nice. My son is a turkey and sooooo funny! Never a dull moment with that kid - I tell you! After fireworks on Saturday, he was so elated and beside himself that he became a big pile of cheese and couldn't stop giving me hugs and kisses - not complaining one bit - it was super cute.

The fireworks show in our neighborhood was spectacular, best show ever! We bought a bunch of little (legal) fireworks, but our neighbors had the big daddies. Don't tell my Mom.............but......... I played with sparklers and through gritted teeth and sweat beads allowed Landon to play with a couple too. Horrible, irresponsible parent - I know this, but there was supervision and a hose, should things get out of control!!! We liked the sparklers!

One of the days-off we found ourselves at the arts festival with a NO NAP-LANDON, it was fun and surprisingly he did well for not having taken a nappy-poo! It was a little hot and really crowded and I don't know if I am getting old and cranky, but I don't like crowds on a blistering hot day - No siree! A plus - we saw some spectacular art pieces and there was an artist there from my hometown, which is far, far away from here so that was really neat!

Highlight of the day: My Peets Coffee! I don't have a Peets Coffee near me, only the BUCKS and well I love the BUCKS, but I really love Peets so I was HAPPY to treat myself to some tasty iced coffee - I did the HAPPY dance!!!!

Another highlight from our weekend was a family BBQ at the Green's House up in the woods. We love going to the Green's House. We had a great time! It was fun spending time with the Green's and our close friends. The kids, while being held captive indoors due to monsoonal rains, caused a big raucous throughout the house. Eleven kids ranging in age from 1 yr - 9 years old, six of those eleven active little boys!!! Ooh the fun they had!

And as usual there was way too much food. Mr. Green is an avid hunter so he's always surprising us with his goodies. We ate pheasant, elk, mountain goat, pork, salmon and buffalo. We left with stuffed bellies and I hit the sofa once home and took a nap - a food induced coma!

Post Inspired by Black Eyed Peas - "Boom Boom Pow"

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