Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Plant Our Dreams Where The Peaceful River Cools"

This morning driving to work I heard this song and this distant memory permeated my thoughts - hence this post!

It was 1997 and I was in my early twenties. I was living the life of a twenty year old in sunny, beautiful San Diego and I had the two best-est friends a girl could ever need, want, have (I still have them).

Because I was worldly and adventurous, I convinced the girls that we needed to go on a road trip – to Chico, CA. I had some friends who went to Chico State and I thought they needed a visit………….the girls were inn!

So early one Fall Friday morning, we piled into Heather’s ford and drove 15 hours.........yes 15 hours, to Chico. The road trip was spine-tingling - good. We bonded over country music and forever cemented our friendships. We got lost a couple times on some NorCal back country roads, but it was OK, all was well because we had each other, Tim McGraw and a map!

We stayed in a Frat type house with our friends, who just happend to be BOYS and although you had to wear your flip flops in the shower and hover over the toilets – We had a blast!!!!

Post inspired by - Tim McGraw, "Where the Green Grass Grows"


Heather said...

Loved that trip......it was a fun one. Even though I had to stay back at the house while you guys went the bars without me (wasn't 21 yet). I don't remember it taking us 15 hours to get there, really......wow. Love you and always will.

Michelle said...

I don't think I was 21 yet?????

It takes 12 hours to get to SAC - and another three to Chico so 15 hours!!!!

Ooh and i think we might have left at night - I can't remember??????

Maria said...

Fun trip, b/c I was with you two! On that trip I must say, is when I was truly introduced to Mr. McGraw, thank you for that :)

I could have been a little nicer to a certain boy, I secretly had a crush on him. I made it to the bar with the guys, and he forgave me that night... no hanky- panky action, he was a nice gentleman.

Miss you!