Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Crazy Familia

I swear...........my niece is the cutest little tart in all the land. In true family fashion, she hit the booze hard when we got to the reception - Haha!

My Parents best-friend in all the land is my Nino David (Nino = God Parent in Mexi). He and my parents go way, way back. My Nino and Nina (like my parents) have three beautiful children............Yeye, Dan and Dee. Us three girls and the three of them grew up together and have a very special kinship.

After years of searching for the perfect woman - Yeye found her and just got married. My family attended the wedding and the following havoc ensued.

Dee and My Momma - My Parents are Dee's God Parents - Nino and Nina. Dee is the youngest of our six and has grown into a beautiful, intelligent woman. I adore her. My Mom looks beautiful in her pretty purple dress and glowing tan.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall..........Whose the fairest of them all? People say Aya and I pass for twins, that Mulan and I pass for twins. I'll say sisters, but I just don't see it.

My cute, cute boy. He cleans up good. The church service was looooonnnnnnggggg, but Landon was awesome. He sat there, lips tight, attention ahead watching the action or drawing. I guess it pays-off to practice church-wedding ettiquite before hand.

The fellas of the family - Jarmin, Dano and Dad. Notice HUBS - Looking sharp - Sexy! What handsome men!

Us - The wedding was so romantic and beautiful, sitting in that small little church I fell in love with HUBS all over again. Weddings.........sigh..........so romantic.


Maria said...

Landon is so handsome, and Emma is adorable, & the Avila girls are Beautiful!

Heather said...

What a beautiful familia!