Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All Because Two People Fell In Love

Last night I downloaded all our pictures from our San Diego trip and I do have to say that Danny snapped several of the Bride and Groom at the wedding and some came out real good. There's this one that just makes my heart melt everytime I look at it!!! It's of Jake and Maria looking at something (not at my camera), Jake is holding Estella and she's looking at the camera........Everyone with bright big smiles!!! OMG..........I don't mean to be cheezy but it's the sweetest thing, EVER! What a cute little of course that got me thinking about families in general; my own family and how cute my soon-to-be Husband and our Son are. Very cute and then I started thinking of my Sister's "new" cute little family and after I thought about a couple other cute families I know..............I came to the conclusion that we are so blessed to have such "cute families," where everyone is healthy, happy and so in love.

There is this song by Brad Paisley (country music singer for the musically challenged), "Two People Fell In Love" and it's such a pretty song and could have been the song track to all my family thoughts. If you really think about it..........everything starts when "Two Hearts get connected" Jake and Maria fell in love and now are married and so their life begins........."All because two people fell in love!" My grandparents have been married for 51 years and have years and years of wonderful LOVE that will live on for generations to come and it's all because "Two People In Love"

IM just bursting with the excitment of love in the's all these damn weddings and that PICTURE.........the picture of the Reifers!!!

OK.............I need to get off this LOVE band wagon.............

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