Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Satan Child Game.......brought to you by Landon Dean

Danny and I had a wonderful time in San Diego. The wedding was perfect and our visit with the Reifer's and the soon-to-be Perez family was delightful. We did our fair share of kicking up our heels and enjoying all that San Diego has to offer a childless couple. Danny golfed and I dove head first into wedding stuff with Mrs. Reifer and Heather, it was fun but come Sunday when I had nothing to do except think about how crappy I felt because I had no sleep and was hungover..........I really started to miss my little guy and I really started to regret that we left him at home (with supervision of course). It was my first time away from him and I was really looking forward to getting a break but when it came down to it..............I missed him and wanted him with us.

Little did we know Landon was having the time of his life while we were gone and didn't even think about us being gone. He stayed up late, slept with his Aya (Not in his bed where he sleeps every night when Mommy and Daddy are home) and played until his little heart was content. He also got to spend some time with Uncle Ron, Aunt Polly, the boys and his babysitter girlfriend Katherine, who he absolutely adores.

We came home to a little terror and it's taken me seven days to get that boy back on his routine and to behave like a little boy should........he's been crazy. He didn't want to sleep, he wanted to get into everything, he screamed for everything at the top of his lungs and threw major temper tantrums.....I guess this is his way of saying F-YOU for leaving me, MOMMA!!!!!. Omg..........it was the worst week thus far of being a parent.....throw in the trying to recover from staying up late most nights on your vacation, partaking in adult libations and DADDY leaving town again and it's pure hell......I seriously wanted to get back on the plane and flee the state......leave Landon with the dog and be gone....It was horrible.

Things are pleasant once again and back to normal (Took seven days!!! Seven long hot days). Landon is once again a cool little kid full of contagious giggles and a smile a mile wide. He snuggles with me and actually calls me Mommy instead of his "Beeatch.....Who left Me!"......hahaha!!!! Things are good!! I am soaking up all this goodness because I believe we will start this Satan Child game all over again on Thursday when we leave for California to meet Daddy and IM not really looking forward to it but I guess that goes with the territory of being "MOMMY"..................Danny........pay backs are a beeatch!!!

Luv It!!!!!!!!!

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